Vieux Moulins de la Tine foundation

Fondation des Vieux Moulins de la Tine (Old Mills of the Tine)

The Foundation was created on 19th September 1986 before the notary Jean-Claude Avanthay at Troistorrents.

Members of the Foundation Board since 2022

Supervisory body: Fiduciary & Auditing – Nofival SA in Sion

Surveillance authority: Municipal authorities of the Troistorrents commune

Commune delegate: Nicolas Premand

Compagnon du grain

There are more than 400 sponsors in the big book of the «Compagnons du Grain», which is available for consultation during the annual VIMOTI festivities since it was first created. Currently, more than a hundred «Compagnons», help us regularly.

The annual subscription of CHF 30 entitles members to free entry to the museum throughout the year of membership.

If you would like to support us by becoming a «Compagnon du Grain», please contact us at

The Foundation Board warmly thanks all the volunteers, sponsors – the faithful «Compagnons du Grain», councillors from the Troistorrents commune and all those anonymous individuals working under the radar.

The “VIMOTI” over the years

1986 : The foundation was created and on 4th November 1986, it was entered in the Bas-Valais trade register

Members of the 1st Foundation Board  

President: Lucien Marclay

Treasurer: Roland Dubosson (until 31.12.2018)

Secretary: Jean-Marc Lattion

Member & Architect: Albert Riesle

Member: Isidore Granger

1987 : The Vieux Moulins de la Tine site was classified as a historical monument by the Council of State on 3rd June 1987

The VIMOTI were inaugurated between 4th and 12th October on the Vieux Moulins de la Tine site during the first «Compagnons du Grain» celebration.

The big book of Compagnons was created

Official opening of the Vieux Moulins de la Tine to visitors

1998 : 1000th visitor in late summer

First participation on the Heritage Day in late September on the Vieux Moulins de la Tine site

2000: Official opening of the «Sentier du Bisse» – a path alongside the Suone (historic irrigation channel) situated in the Tine gorges

Consolidation of the former blacksmith’s Chalet with a floor slab

2001: First «Swiss Mills Day» on the Vieux Moulins de la Tine site in May

The «Sentier du Bisse» was extended with a suspended walkway to take visitors to the water intake in the river

2002: New fun, educational entertainment for children, by Robert Butty: water mills made from recycled objects

2003: Visit of US Air Force pilots from the Second World War

The 3rd edition of such visits to Switzerland and the VIMOTI actively participate on these visits

From now on, the «Compagnons du Grain» celebration will take place on the same day

2004: Official opening of the forge and the tool museum

2005: September saw the sale of Mr. Bezat’s books signed by the author

In December, participation in the Christmas Market at the Treille Chalet in Troistorrents

2006: Inauguration of the forge Chalet for exhibitions

2007: 10th opening anniversary for the public and exhibitions

2008: First European days of Mills and Grinding Heritage

2009: A model of the VIMOTI was installed at the Swiss Vapeur Parc in Le Bouveret

2013: The ticket office was fully integrated in the «Sawmill Area» under reconstruction. This new space provides a covered area for a variety of activities and can be hired by companies and individuals for celebrations

2014: Renovation of the mills bridge (pont des Moulins)

2015: Appointment of the new president Jacques Widmer

2016: 30th anniversary of the Foundation and 20th anniversary of the public opening

2017: Construction of the car park La Tine

2020: Launch of the «new visitor trail» project

2021: Installation of two models made by the HES on the theme of hydraulic energy; installation of a screen tracing the history of the mills and the importance of water and construction of a new vertical wheel and its Suone2022: Inauguration of the new visitor trail

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