“En la Tynaz” in the gorges of the Vièze of Morgins. Guided by a Suone, which falls onto a horizontal wheel with paddles, the water moves the vertical shaft of the mill as it used to do and makes the millstone turn. The mill is mainly used to hull and mill grain. Sometimes, however, it is also used to grind fruits and oil seeds and crush hemp. Over the course of history and in a bid to keep the place profitable, a press was installed nearby. During festivities the lower mill is in operation as well as the forge. The water, still in its channel, also drove a hemp fuller, then passing under the forge, it operated a sawmill.

Reviving the Tine

The forge was purchased in 1936 by Charles Maire and then abandoned in 1949. In 1995, blacksmith and edge-tool maker Charles Maire decided to bequeath all his tools to the Troistorrents commune. Real treasure!

Blacksmith Charles Maire took up his tools again and gave the general public the chance to discover what the work of a blacksmith was like up to 1936. Then, in 2004, he left the forge to the Vieux Moulins de la Tine. The animation was then taken over by Charles Renevey. Now his son Philippe continues to animate the forge.

Reinstalled in the basement of the original building, this new area in the forge will be used for exhibitions. This forge has been restored together with its fireplace and bellows.

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